Clinical Observation

To observe in the University of Arizona Speech, Language, or Hearing Clinics (including off-campus sites, such as Wings on Words program), students must be registered as degree-seeking students in SLHS or as non-degree seeking graduate students completing prerequisites for the graduate clinical program. Others may observe only with permission of a Department clinical faculty member.  Each student will have the opportunity to receive, but not to exceed, 25 hours of observation. You can obtain the Summary of Observation Experience form from the clinic administrative staff. At the end of each observation, request a signature from the clinical instructor. Do not have the student clinicians sign the verification of observation forms. 

Clinical Observation Guidelines

Client/Patient Confidentiality and HIPAA Training

Before you observe in any clinic, you must complete HIPAA training and sign a confidentiality form. HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, a federal law regarding confidentiality of client/patient information. HIPAA training for the SLHS Department is available on the UA electronic course management site EDGE Learning through UAcess.

  • Go to UAcess and login with your UANetID
  • Select "EDGE Learning"
  • In the box next to Learning Catalog at the top of your screen, type in HIPAA Annual Certification and select
  • Select "Launch" and complete the training by viewing 100% of the module and answering any questions you encounter

Clinic Observation & Sign Up

All Audiology observation and sign up is completed through this website:

HIPAA training is required prior to observation.  By signing up for an observation you are attesting that you have completed the HIPAA training described above.

Speech and Language Clinic observation is not available at this time.

Audiology Observation Instructions 

Speech-Language Observation Instructions

Guided Observation Reflection Documentation

Dress and Demeanor Policy